Bradley Powers, his wife Kelsey, and their two golden retrievers Oliver and Luna.

Service To Community
Working Together

"Service to Community" and "Working Together" are not just my campaign slogans, they are the guiding principles and foundation of my promise to serve our county. 

I am a native of Smyth County and have lived here my entire life. Growing up, I understood that the only way to make our county a better place was to take part in our community. From volunteering as a fire fighter, E.M.T. and paramedic, assisting at various community events, to serving on the board of directors of a local economic development committee, I have been dedicated to the betterment of our county for most of my life.

That dedication of service to community is why I am running for Commissioner of Revenue. I am proud to be our Republican Nominee. My first priority when elected to office will be to provide the highest quality of service to our community. We will achieve that goal by working together with you, the citizens, along with various town councils and board of supervisor members. 

Our county deserves a conservative leader who will ensure a fair and accurate assessment. Building from my professional experience as a paramedic, educator, business owner, and data analyst, I will help Smyth County move forward. My experiences and relationships with local town councils, board of supervisors, the state legislature, and even congressional staff will allow me to help your voice be heard.

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